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A value-packed option from a world-class builder.

 Recorded through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV and miked with a Royer R-121 feeding an Apogee Duet into Garageband.
Clip 2 uses a Komet K.O.D.A overdrive


Wonderful construction. Excellent price.

Humbuckers aren’t that remarkable.


Asher Electro Hawaiian Junior Lap Steel




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The revamped lap steel features lightweight African mahogany and a neck-through-body construction.

Venice, CA (October 8, 2018) -- The best electric lap steel on the market just got better. Asher Guitar’s Electro Hawaiian Junior 6-string lap steel got a complete overhaul and although the look is generally the same, the telling is in the details.

Known for its solid construction and quality components, the use of lighter-weight African mahogany with its neck-through-body construction, provides the optimal foundation for creating an impressive resonance and tonal range. The improved high output humbucker pickups produce an impressive huge sound with depth and clarity without being too dark.

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Get inside the sounds of one of the most revered slide players on the planet as he goes deep on lap steels, his philosophy on tone, and his mythical Dumbles.

Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger hung out with Ben Harper and his long-time guitarist Jason Mozersky before a gig at Nashville’s revered Ryman Auditorium. Harper and Mozersky took PG through a slew of truly one-of-a-kind axes and amps going well over an hour.

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