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Asher Guitars Announces Vintage Series

Asher Guitars Announces Vintage Series

The builds are characterized by simple, clean designs with a satisfying broken-in feel.

Venice, CA (January 17, 2017) -- Asher Guitars and Lap Steels now offers a Vintage Series selection of guitar builds that are characterized by simple, clean designs with a satisfying broken-in feel and the auditory mojo which harkens to the iconic '50s and '60s guitars that are so revered today.

The Vintage Series guitars have distinct Asher styling and details such as quality old-school American craftsmanship, tempered tonewoods, custom-designed electronics, nitro finishes, and, of course, the distinctive “holy grail tone” that guitarists crave.

Asher uses “roasted” bodies and necks to produce a supremely aged woody tone and character. The wood, processed by Tempered Tonewoods, is exposed to heat, water (no chemicals), and a vacuum resulting in an extremely stable, lightweight medium that produces a beautifully broad harmonic footprint and super-long sustain—as if it had been aging naturally for decades.

Asher offers up a variety of specialty electronics and pickups to enhance or emulate various desired tonal qualities. Novak Classic Pickups, for example, creates custom and traditional pickup winds that are produced by hand on a Leo Fender-inspired coil winder. Other boutique electronics and parts include Emerson capacitors, Stellartone Varitone switches, custom Bakelite pickguards, and new-old-stock or vintage-style knobs.

Thin-skin satin and gloss nitro finishes on the Vintage Series builds help add to the aura and vintage connection of these guitars—not to mention the beautiful way they will wear over time. Asher also applies aging and checking—if so desired—which is usually understated and tastefully executed.

Asher’s Vintage Series creates the perfect balance between old and new. These guitars are masterfully handcrafted with iconic vintage guitars in mind and thoughtfully detailed to bring out the rock star in all of us. Pricing will range from $3,400 to $4,800.

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