august 2015

A compact, affordable Uni-Vibe-style pedal with downloadable textures and tones.

Compact, affordable Uni-Vibe-inspired pedals have become abundant in recent years—an excellent development for psychedelically aligned modulation fiends like this editor. What makes this proliferation of swirl machines extra-cool is that builders are also looking beyond mimicking the original Uni-Vibe (a thankless task for digital engineers in particular), adding extra features and sounds that expand on the original’s possibilities.

At its core, TC Electronic’s $129 Viscous Vibe is a digital-modulation machine for Vibe fans on a budget. For plug-and-play types it delivers a fundamentally Uni-Vibe-like voice colored by a low-end-heavy, tremolo-like intensity. But Viscous Vibe also incorporates TC’s Tone Print technology, making many more flavors available via download. While many of these extra textures aren’t authentically Uni-Vibe-like, they make the Viscous Vibe a formidable and versatile modulation unit.

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Photo by Danny Clinch

Few guitarists are able to combine soul with a healthy amount of down-home rock like the Gov’t Mule frontman.

Chops: Beginner
Theory: Intermediate
Lesson Overview:
• Understand how to play expressively with the blues scale.
• Learn how to use space effectively in your solos.
• Develop standard-tuned slide skills.

Click here to download a printable PDF of this lesson's notation.

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