cab 4x12

The pairing of Egnater''s Armageddon and AR-412 cab is a fantastic setup for the modern metal guitarist who wants extreme gain, total control, and exceptionally tight delivery.

The Armageddon is Egnater Amplification’s flagship offering to modern metal guitarists. Egnater has dipped their toes into the high-gain waters before—notably with the Vengeance amplifier. But the Armageddon’s extensive features, incredible power, and skull-crushing tone make it quite unlike any amp they’ve released before. It’s geared towards the modern metal guitarist who needs a window-rattling amp that can be tweaked to perfection in any situation. And with 120 tube-driven watts, the triple-channel Armageddon delivers pure metal fury, blistering overdrive, and knockout clean tones.

Metal Command
The Armageddon’s all-tube circuitry is housed in a durable steel chassis and generates that bludgeoning 120-watts of power from a quartet of 6L6 power tubes. The standby switch also serves as a half-power switch, so it’s easy to drop down to 60 watts for lower volume and headroom. The preamp’s substantial array of six 12AX7 tubes glow menacingly—ready and willing to help unleash the Armageddon’s merciless overdrive.

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The Ironheart is a 120-watt beast of an amp that’s dedicated to pushing the heavy overdrive envelope.

Few amplifier companies around today can claim the history and pedigree of Laney Amplification. They’ve been around since 1967 under the direction of Lyndon Laney, and their amps have produced a significant share of the most iconic tones in rock, pop, and metal, from Tony Iommi’s Black Sabbath crunch to the jangle of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Will Sergeant.

But while Laneys are loved by players of every stripe, they are most synonymous with heavy sounds and players. And the Ironheart, a 120-watt beast of an amp that’s dedicated to pushing the heavy overdrive envelope, is about as heavy as they come.

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