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Jensen Releases the N12K Speaker

Jensen Releases the N12K Speaker

The new model was previously only available in Fender's Tone Master combos.

Tempe, AZ (August 26, 2020) -- The Jensen N12K, a Vintage Neodymium speaker is now in stock and available for purchase from CE Distribution. The N12K was previously only available in Fender Tone Master amps but is now available for purchase as a standalone speaker.

The N12K delivers warm, full-bodied tone with remarkable headroom and just the right amount of brilliance and sparkle. It produces true original American tone in a modern and lightweight 12 inch, 4.41 lb. speaker.

Jensen worked in conjunction with Fender to develop the N12K. This speaker was designed for the new Fender Tone MasterTM Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb. The process of developing the N12K involved extremely accurate analysis and optimization of the overall sound, starting from the same seamed-cone membrane used in the C12K. The frequency response curve of the two speakers is strikingly close, as well as most of the key elements and parameters.

Our guitarists describe this speaker as heavy on the mids with a solid, straightforward tone. Presented with overdrive distortion, it powers through with lows that are bold and heavy.

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