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See and hear the latest updates to the drive that inches closer to the mythical gold, 3-knob, centaur-clad stompbox.

The updated stomp features a late-stage bass control and a selectable set of germanium diodes.

Orange City, FL (June 28, 2018) -- Chellee Guitars and Effects announces the release of Ponyboy Overdrive, V3.

Our interpretation of the iconic Klon, Ponyboy has become a favorite overdrive pedal among guitarists for its pristine cleans and well voiced low gain overdrive tones. The new V3 opens up more possibilities with the addition of a late stage bass control and a selectable set of germanium diodes. The bass control is centered around 120hz and provides a boost or cut of up to +/- 15 db. It sits at the end of the circuit so it doesn’t interact with the gain control, but instead can be used to polish the overall output. The germanium clipping diodes can be selected using the new Modern/Vintage switch. The Modern tone uses the same modern production parts that have been in Ponyboy from day one. The Vintage setting selects a set of 1N34A germanium diodes that enhances the tonal character in higher gain settings.

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A Ross/Dyna Comp variant with all the mods—and a remarkably low price.

“Most stompboxes are based on the same handful of circuits” is an oft-heard half-truth about guitar effects. On one hand, it’s a gross exaggeration. There are a lot of circuits out there! Yet in some effect categories, one design predominates to the exclusion of others. For example, something like nine out of 10 overdrive pedals derive from the basic topology of the Tube Screamer.

With boutique compressor pedals, the homogeneity may be even greater. Most stomp comps are based on the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) design used by two very similar 1970s pedals: the Ross Compressor and the MXR Dyna Comp. Yeah, there are a couple of models derived from Dan Armstrong’s Orange Squeezer, plus some pricier options that mimic such studio-grade compressors as the Urei 1176. But as a rule, if it’s a boutique compressor pedal, it’s probably a Dyna Comp variant.

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