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Chellee Guitars Announces the Ponyboy Overdrive

Chellee Guitars Announces the Ponyboy Overdrive

A Klon-inspired pedal with clean boost and dynamic overdrive.

Orange City, FL (June 16, 2015) -- Ponyboy is the new Klon inspired pedal with killer tone, great build quality, and a small footprint. It’s both a great clean boost and dynamic overdrive that cuts through the mix, but unlike similar klone pedals of this size, Ponyboy does it without surface mount components.


  • Simple and familiar three knob controls with an added voicing switch
  • Voicing switch that shifts the frequency range of the Treble control
  • Buffered bypass switching
  • 9 volt DC jack or battery powered, battery included

The Ponyboy overdrive adds to the already successful lineup of overdrives from Chellee Guitars and is already becoming the favorite in the line.


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