Chellee Guitars Unveils the Odie Classic Overdrive

The feel and compression of a good vintage overdrive with modern clarity.

Orange City, FL (May 22, 2015) -- Offering classic TS tones and handmade quality at a mass-produced price point, Odie Classic may be the best TS replacement available. This pedal gives you the feel and compression of a good vintage overdrive with modern clarity and more tone shaping than any handmade overdrive in its price range.

The Odie Overdrive line uses high quality, tight tolerance components and offers a rugged construction designed for the end user experience rather than ease of manufacture.


  • Vintage inspired overdrive
  • Three drive texture settings: Silicon diode clipping, LED clipping, and clean boost
  • EQ voicing shift switch including a fat mode that doesn’t get muddy
  • True bypass switching

The new Odie Classic is a modified version of the well received Odie Overdrive. The original Odie Overdrive is being used by Flying Colors bassist Dave LaRue, guitarist Glenn Alexander of Southside Johnny and Stretch, and Sara Evans guitarist Shane Smith.

The Odie Classic is built by hand in Orange City, Florida and individually tested. It is currently offered for direct sale for $100.00 through the Chellee Guitars LLC website.

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