Chellee Releases the Compy Compressor

An internal voltage doubler brings the internal voltage up to 18 volts to maximize clean headroom.

Orange City, FL (June 22, 2017) -- Chellee Guitars and Effects announces the release Compy Compressor, a six-knob OTA compressor pedal.

As a first departure from building overdrive pedals, the Chellee Compy was designed to be a flexible compressor that delivers a huge degree of color and squish. Beyond the necessary attack, sustain, and level controls, Compy adds a blend control for mixing back in your dry uncompressed signal, a tone control to add or tame sparkle, and an input gain control for varying amounts of grit and drive to your compressed tone. An internal voltage doubler brings the internal voltage up to 18 volts to maximize clean headroom. Whether you’re looking for a lot of squish, something very subtle, or anything in between Compy can deliver, all with a significantly lower noise floor than many of the higher priced OTA compressors as well as an amazing tone and feel.

Like the rest of the Chellee effects line Compy is designed with high build quality in mind and built to last. Microcontroller operated relay soft switching reduces bypass switching noise while also greatly increasing reliability compared to the industry standard mechanical bypass footswitch. All Chellee pedals use Teflon insulated MIL-Spec hookup wires with our unique built-in PCB wire strain relief, Switchcraft stereo input and output jacks, and a diffused LED that’s easy to see without being too bright.

Handmade in Florida and backed by a two year warranty, Compy is available at a very affordable $169.

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