The guitar universe gathered momentum in a big way in 2022—which is easy to see in this year’s wildly diverse parade of Premier Gear Award winners.

Here's a look at 2022’s most notable new guitars, amps, effects, and accessories, reviewed by our editors and writers:

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Despite their penchant for crazy sounds, avant-indie heroes John Dieterich and Ed Rodríguez aren't boutique snobs. Here they walk us through the tools they use to create their cerebral catharsis.

Premier Guitar met with John Dieterich and Ed Rodríguez of Deerhoof during the Nashville stop of their marathon tour. Dieterich and Rodríguez blend their diverse styles and tones to create something that sounds bigger than two guitars, demonstrating that one does not need a lot of gear to conjure up a wealth of odd sounds and blossoming dynamics.


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The resurrected guitar brand unveils a new octave fuzz and a multi-effect unit that includes reverb, tremolo, and overdrive.