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PRS Sonzera 20 Demo | First Look

Chasing '60s Fullerton zing and muscular drive, this re-vamped compact combo excels in both realms.

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Supro Delta King 8 Review Demo

One watt sounds monstrous in this '50s-meets-modern mighty mite.

Solid class A tone at an affordable price. Responsive and fun to crank. Simple design. Line level signal from the line-out jack adds useful functionality.

Probably too quiet for a gig-able clean tone.


Supro Delta King 8


Since its 2014 revival, Supro has given fans of small, low-wattage combos plenty to talk about. This should come as no surprise. Tiny but ferocious amplifiers with the Supro logo have been on the scene since the early days of the electric guitar and landed on some of the most classic guitar records of all time. And the company's recent offerings have captured the sonic essence of those vintage models with a line of well-built, modern amps that look just as cool as they sound.

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Original Willie Nelson Photo by Larry Philpot

To celebrate PG's upcoming annual Amp Issue, our editorial director lays waste to Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias' 1984 hit.

To all the amps I've loved before
Who travelled in and out my door
I'm glad they came along
I dedicate this ridiculous "content"
To all the boom boxes I've blasted before

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