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Rock Like Lifeson: Lerxst Chi Amp Demo

Rock Like Lifeson: Lerxst Chi Amp Demo
Lerxst Chi Alex Lifeson Amp Demo featuring Zach Wish | First Look

Watch Zach Wish run the range of Rush riffage with this 30-watt, 6L6 combo built with Alex Lifeson's guiding hand.

Chi takes the growl and tone of the Omega and places it within a more compact form factor. The 30-watt amplifier is built around 6L6 tubes for excellent headroom and a clear, articulate sound and is available as both a smallbox head and a 1x12 combo amplifier. In keeping with its lineage, Chi also includes footswitchable clean and lead channels and a serial effects loop, making it equally versatile on stage or in the studio.

“I’ve used more amps than Dr. Frankenstein did when breathing life into his creature, but the Lerxst Chi is an awesome monster in its own right and one of the sweetest sounding amps I’ve ever heard,” said Lifeson. “All the great character of the Omega in a cool, compact package that you don’t have to be a seven-foot monster to carry around.”

Both amplifiers are also accompanied by a range of guitar cabinets in multiple speaker configurations, including 1x12, 2x12, and 4x12, ideal for any stage configuration or studio application. All amplifiers and cabinets are handcrafted to the highest standards with top quality components in Mojotone’s Burgaw, NC-based factory. The cabinets, head shells, and combo speaker cabinets are made of voidless baltic birch and finished with a striking race gray and red garnet levant Tolex finish for a lifetime of gigging and playing.

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