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First Look: Bad Cat Black Cat

First Look: Bad Cat Black Cat
Bad Cat Black Cat Demo | First Look

Two channels of clean to nasty drive that make your guitar’s voice shine.

The lineage of the Black Cat goes all the way back to the original boutique amplifier designed and handcrafted in southern California. Now Bad Cat has gone back to the drawing board to capture all that is magical about the original design, but utilizing modern engineering and manufacturing advancements. The new Black Cat features two unique channels with bias-modulated tremolo and studio quality reverb.

  • 20 Watts - 2X EL84 in cathode-biased class AB configuration
  • 2 channels - Clean and Overdrive
  • Channel-dedicated VOLUME and MASTER controls
  • Global TREBLE, BASS, and CUT controls
  • Bias-modulated tremolo with INTENSITY and SPEED controls
  • Studio quality reverb
  • Buffered effects loop

(Specs courtesy of Bad Cat.)