Rig Rundown: Mudhoney
Rig Rundown: Mudhoney's Mark Arm & Steve Turner

Sub Pop’s seminal grunge pioneers Mark Arm and Steve Turner detail their stalwart Gretsch and Guild sidekicks before divulging their favorite fuzz circuits—and go-to modern copies—and showcasing pedalboards that reincarnate their guitar tone into grimy, filthy, and feral wooly mammoths.

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It’s hard to argue with an acrylic-top guitar when it looks this cool!

The Hagstrom F-11 was built with improbable tone materials, but it still sings with zing.

Growing up in the shadow of the Martin Guitar Factory, I learned a thing or two about tonewoods. Quite a few of my friends got jobs at the factory right out of high school, and over the years, I’ve seen how woods are cured, selected, and cared for. The Japanese factories I’ve visited really took this idea to the next level. I’ve seen curing rooms with classical music being played to stacks of wood. I’ve seen huge storerooms with different woods sorted by age (some well over 100 years old), country of origin, and quality of figuring. Hell, I've even seen logs that were dragged out of Mississippi swamps, shipped to Japan, and cured.

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