lindsay ell

On this episode, the country guitarist walks Shifty through her blazing solo on "Hits Me," after sharing all about what makes her guitar-mind tick.

"I've always looked at guitar solos as additional lyrics to the song," says Lindsay Ell. She approaches guitar solos by balancing their voice with that of the actual vocal, and on this episode of Shred With Shifty, the country guitarist and songwriter—who really draws from a host of genres, including rock, jazz, and blues—breaks down her epic solo on "Hits Me" for host Chris Shiflett, walking him through each phrase and figure.
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Based on your eyeballs, here are the most-watched episodes of the year.

We've based these rankings on a combined viewership from and YouTube to compile this year's top 10. G.E. and Julien Baker were included because they nearly cracked the top 10 while only being online for less than four months of 2018.
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