magnetic effects

An all-analog, 4-stage phaser that delivers classic swirl and undulating waves of sound.

Magnetic Effects are pleased to release the Eye To Eye. An all analog phaser pedal produced in collaboration with New Zealand band The Datsuns to celebrate the release of their new album also titled Eye To Eye.

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A fixed-wah booster with clean blend and switchable range.

London, England (June 8, 2017) -- Magnetic Effects are pleased to release the Midphoria.

Many classic lead tones were recorded with a wah left in one position instead of being rocked back and forwards. This is commonly referred to as "fixed" or "parked" wah. This sound has been used in some of the most famous recordings of all time by great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, Mick Ronson, Michael Schenker and Marc Bolan to name just a few. The Midphoria allows you to access those classic tones in a smaller, more convenient pedal!

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An overdrive/boost with an internal voltage doubling circuit that converts the power up to 18V for increased headroom.

London, England (May 17, 2017) -- Magnetic Effects are pleased to release the Sändare. A natural sounding and dynamic Overdrive/Booster.

The Sändare is a dynamic, low-to-medium gain overdrive and booster that retains the tonal characteristics of your guitar and amp. The perfect choice if you like the sound of your guitar and amp and are looking for a pedal to add a bit of organic drive or push your amp naturally into breakup.

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