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Need to wrangle a pile of pedals? These 10 options can put an end to your tap dancing.

Gone are the days of expensive custom controllers. It's never been easier to harness the power of MIDI to get the most out of your pedalboard.

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A classic Rat-type distortion that uses original LM308 chips.

Richland, WA (October 27, 2016) -- Adding to the company’s well-established line of boutique guitar effects, Matthews Effects has unveiled the new Harbinger Parametric Distortion. The Harbinger is a classic Rat-type distortion that uses original LM308 chips along with a pre-gain EQ shaping for a rich pallet of distortion tones. The EQ section is a parametric control that lets you sweep from 100 – 4khz and boost or cut those frequencies by 15db.

The Harbinger highlights include:

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This two-mode shimmer ’verb makes dramatic onstage texture shifts a breeze.

Fender Jaguar into a Fender Champ.

Matthews’ Astronomer isn’t the only reverb pedal that enables you to switch between two different reverb sounds. And it’s far from the only reverb to feature harmonizing, upper-octave “shimmer” textures. But it’s certainly one of the easiest and most intuitive to use. And it could be enormously appealing for players who like to move between pronounced shimmer-verb colors and mellower, more conventional reverb tones without navigating millions of presets. It’s a killer little reverb for real-world gigging.

Space (Gazing) Efficiency
While we’re only familiar with Matthews’ Conductor tremolo (reviewed in the June 2015 issue), the little company’s quality control and design standards seem pretty top flight. The board layout is clean, thoughtfully arrayed, and looks and feels solid. Input/output jacks and the two footswitches are enclosure mounted, and the board and vital components seem well insulated from shocks and jarring. Though the circuit layout is visibly efficient, the extra footswitch means there’s no room for a 9V battery.

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