Former Marshall guru Mitch Colby drives his new British-style 18-watter (which is also equipped with lovely tube-driven tremolo) with both a Tele and humbuckers.

Park 45

The first Park by Colby Amplification amp will be a limited edition, true-to-original, top-mount, KT66-loaded Park 45.

City Island, NY (January 20, 2014) -- Park amplifiers, legendary among both collectors and tone aficionados have been re-launched by Colby Amplification. Following on the success of Colby’s award winning first product launch, the dual tone booster, Mitch Colby has recreated the very best of British amplification just as it was in the 1960s and 1970s.

Park, once an alternate brand of amplifiers made in a well known British factory, are known for their smooth clean and overdriven tones. Original Park amps were basically the same as the other “golden-era” British amps made in that same factory. The Park amps also followed the circuit evolution as the amps got louder and more aggressive through the 1970s. Park also offered unique models such as the “Rock Head” which in 1980 included cascading gain and a Post Phase Inverter Master Volume. Today, due to their rarity and magnificent tone, original Park amps are now highly collectable.

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