Our new 2023 models come equipped with a Bigsby & Les Trems tremolos, Custom Pin-locking Tuners, ToPros Hardware, German Carved Headstocks, PS logo, and our own Custom Wound Pickups.

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A vintage-styling mash-up—and a versatile rock ’n’ roll machine.

Sacrilegious as it may sound to some, not everyone loves the iconic, ubiquitous electric guitar designs of the 1950s. And while vintage guitars that subvert those norms look killer and cut through the visual clutter, they can also be quirky in less-desirable ways: feedback-prone pickups, neck relief like a ski jump, and non-existent tuning stability, to name a few.

PureSalem Guitars isn’t the only company mining the eccentric side of vintage guitar design these days. But the two-years-young company has consistently delivered quality alongside the quirkiness. El Gordo, a buxom semi-hollow, is a recent addition to PureSalem’s roster of misfits. It’s well built, genuinely versatile, and chock-full of tones from jangly clean to rowdy and raucous.

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A new offset model loaded with custom-wound pickups.

Miami, FL (September 3, 2015) -- PureSalem Guitars adopts an inspired approach and attitude while honoring the electric guitars’ glorious past. It‘s simplicity in design. It’s wood, wire, and strings. It’s rock and roll, and not rocket science.
To quote David Fair (Half Japanese):
“The idea is to put a pick in one hand and a guitar in the other and with a tiny movement rule the world!”

Our PureSalem Cardinal model combines quality construction and components with off-kilter styling’s and transports us back to an era when Rock & Roll was free and memories yet to be made. Our new 2015 models come equipped with a Bigsby & Vibrola tremolos, Grover Tuners, Vintage cloth wiring, carved headstock, new PS logo and our own Custom Wound Pickups.

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