Rig Rundown: Kelley’s Heroes’ “Slick” Joe Fick and Luke McQueary

Two of the greatest Nashville players you’ve never heard of are tearing up Lower Broadway, keeping a grand old tradition alive.

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First Look: Fender Kingfish Telecaster Deluxe
Fender Kingfish Telecaster Deluxe | First Look

The Mississippi blues maestro’s signature instrument is a potent and dazzling evolution of an underrated Tele’.

Photo by Jackie Lee Young and Victoria Villasana

On Boleros Psicodélicos, Black Pumas cofounder, Adrian Quesada, explores traditional romantic Latin ballads from a personal, modern perspective.

You may know Grammy-winning guitarist and producer Adrian Quesada from his myriad and diverse projects like the nine-piece Latin funk ensemble Grupo Fantasma or Brownout—a gritty Fantasma side project that gained notoriety covering Black Sabbath (as Brown Sabbath) and Public Enemy (Fear of a Brown Planet)—and, more recently, Black Pumas, his critically acclaimed collaboration with vocalist and guitarist Eric Burton. But his most recent outing, Boleros Psicodélicos, an homage to the psychedelicized late-1960s take on the classic Cuban-cum-Mexican genre bolero, is one of his more interesting musical diversions.

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