Reader: Cary “Spud” Cummings

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Guitar: Kosmocaster

This pooch-loving reader dedicated his homemade T-style with an expertly colorized, open-grain body design to his labrador retriever, Kosmo.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” —Roger A. Caras

Hello, I’m Cary, aka “Spud,” and I suspect Mr. Caras’ quote may resonate even more for many guitar players and musicians. [Cary, having been featured previously in our November 2022 issue, is a two-time Reader Guitar of the Month winner.] We all have spent countless time in a largely solitary endeavor foregoing other activities trying to hone our craft (or at least play a few chords cleanly). Who else could hang with you and happily endure all that atonal trial and error than your faithful friend, the dog?

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