BilT Gutiars Rele Demo | First Look

PG's Vanessa Wheeler takes a turn with a smaller, short-scale offset that bristles with bells, whistles, and sonic surprises.

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It's not brain surgery, but … Black Midi, from left to right, drummer Morgan Simpson, guitarist Geordie Greep, and bassist Cameron Picton, have developed a style that extracts maximum dynamics and extreme shades of light and dark from a traditional power-trio line-up.

Photo by Yis Kid

The cluster bomb anarchy of guitarist Geordie Greep and bassist Cameron Picton balances their ultra-dynamic howl-and-purr sound.

Black Midi is a young, progressive outfit from the U.K., and their music is abrasive and outrageous. Except when it isn't.

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Rig Rundown - Zane Carney

See how the jazz-minded guitarist and ace sideman twisted his bastardized Tele with a flush board of analog gems and freaky filth for his latest album, Alter Ego.

You've seen him alongside John Mayer, Jonny Lang, and even Evan Rachel Wood. You heard him in the award-winning Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway musical and Thundercat's hit "Drunk." And now guitarist Zane Carney is looking to step out and take on the spotlight with the release of his new album Alter Ego on April 30th via Orenda Records. The 9-song collection is self-described as a "bold and bombastic improvised jazz quartet record" featuring Jerry Watts Jr. on bass, Gene Coye on drums, and Katisse Buckingham on woodwinds.

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