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TC Electronic Releases Free Jazz TonePrint Package

TC Electronic is proud to announce it’s next completely free package of TonePrints, this time centered around jazz.

Risskov, Denmark (April 17, 2013) -- TC Electronic is proud to announce it’s next completely free package of TonePrints, this time centered around jazz. This package, consisting of TonePrints by Lee Ritenour, Dean Brown and Grand Baton, is available free of charge at TC Electronic or through the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android now.

Lee Ritenour contributed two delay TonePrints, one with modulation and one without.The one without modulation, the Rit Ping-Pong Delay TonePrint, really came from the fact that Lee took a liking to our TonePrint pedals right off the bat - he loved how they keep his tone intact. For this stereo ping-pong delay TonePrint, Lee cut a bit off the highs and the lows, to keep things tight yet un-provocative, along with a nice ambient vibe. Whilst adding a bit of saturation for a nice warm and human voice type edge.

The idea for the Rit Ping-Pong Delay with Modulation was the same as Rit’s TonePrint without modulation: a nice stereo ping-pong delay that is warm and present, but not too 'in your face'. Lee wanted to add just a tiny little bit of modulation on the tail of the delay trails, which makes for a very subtle afterglow on an already beautiful sound. It adds just that hint of shimmer and life that is really pleasing to the ear.

The legendary Dean Brown also contributed a TonePrint, Dean's Retro Flashback. Dean loves the Flashback Delay and actually told us the one he has on his board is on almost permanently. Dean wanted some nice, natural tape-like compression that gives a great round sound. He went for an analog delay cutting the lows just a bit whilst cutting the highs a whole lot more, giving an easy-going, ambient vibe. Very Echoplex like, this TonePrint brings down the delays just a bit when you really dig in.

Completing the Jazz TonePrint package is a TonePrint pioneer: Grand Baton, who contributes with his Shimmer Delay TonePrint , a custom delay with a unique filtering that makes the delays brighter and brighter as they die out. Grand Baton also contributes with the fan favorite Grand Baton Flanger TonePrint – a musical and slow modulation which is pronounced but not overwhelming, perfect for strummed guitar parts.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electronic adds: ”There’s no doubt in my mind that these TonePrints will make many guitarists very happy. They are great tones from legendary guitarists and as we actually have quite a large fan base in the jazz scene, I’m really happy to be able to provide these great sounds to them.”

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