The knob allows you to put a detent anywhere with the flip of a switch.

New York, NY (June 11, 2020) -- That Klick Knob is proud to introduce That Klick Classic, the first knob created to let players easily save & recall a sweet spot. This original design lets you mark any setting with a 'Click' - aka put a detent anywhere – by the flip of a switch. If you're the type of player that likes to roll back your knobs to shape your tone, this might be something you didn't know you were missing.

Functionally it's simple: With the switch pulled out the knob spins normally. With the switch pushed in the knob still spins normally, but now you'll feel a firm 'Click' whenever it reaches the setting it was on when the switch was pushed. Which is all a long way of saying that once you dial in a sweet spot, you flip the switch and BAM - it's saved. So even if the knob is then turned up or down, that sweet spot is never lost. Easily find it in the dark, when it's loud, mid-performance...know you're exactly where you want to be when you feel that 'Click'.

While this knob is a universal fit for most major guitar brands, you can find detailed compatibility information on their website Depending on the guitar, installation can be as simple as popping off your knob, bolting on the switch, and popping on the new knob. No modification necessary; the switch simply gets secured by the potentiometer's nut.


  • Universal fit for most guitars – compatible with split-shaft & solid shaft pots
  • Over-engineered switch and mechanism - precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum for rock-solid 'Click' and dependable performance
  • Switch operation – quickly & intuitively set or change the saved setting
  • Use on volume pots, tone pots, etc – knob fits regardless of pot's function
  • S-style knob shape (sans text/numbers) sitting on top of a low profile switch that looks similar to a pointer – discreetly designed to preserve the look of your instrument
  • All installation tools & hardware are included

That Klick Classic is currently offered in white or black with a choice of silver or gold colored switch. Available from $20.99, it can be purchased at That Klick plans on releasing a variety of knob styles & colors in the future.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
That Klick Knob

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