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The Shred Decoder’s Guide to Sweep Picking - Dec. '17 Ex. 7

A flexible stomp that spans overdrive and fuzz modes, and sometimes seems to blend them in an inspiring way.

A very juicy, creamy, dynamic fuzz tone that’s well suited to many styles. Bonus slate of drive tones.

Crown-mounted knobs can be tricky to see.


Beetronics Nectar


If you imagine a gain-pedal spectrum, fuzz is usually situated at one end and boost at the other. The Nectar, from California builder Beetronics, makes it possible to explore both extremes in a single pedal. It also beautifully blurs the lines between those extremes, generating fuzzy overdrive, and thicker, more OD-like fuzz within its wide range.

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The extended weekend is dedicated to guitar—with workshops, intensive masterclasses, live concerts, a huge exhibition featuring brands from the guitar & bass world and much more.

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Chibson Priority Delay

Chibson USA and Blammo Electronics team up to create the limited-edition Priority Delay pedal, featuring a dual PT2399/compander setup for long, noise-free repeat times and intuitive controls for easy use.

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