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Bad Cat Jet Black Demo | PG Plays

Bad Cat Jet Black Demo | PG Plays
Bad Cat Jet Black Demo | PG Plays

Check out the Bad Cat Amps Jet Black! PG's Tom Butwin takes you along as he explores the tonal options offered by this all-new 38-watt amp.

Bad Cat Jet Black 1x12 38W Tube Guitar Combo Amp

The new Jet Black brings the Black Cat’s trademark sound to players who need more volume but delivers so much more besides. With a second pair of EL-84s doubling its output, common sense suggested it’d be louder and tighter, but no one was quite prepared for the tones the Jet Black would unleash.

Wide open and gloriously unrestrained, the Jet Black packs a visceral gut punch. It feels BIG yet it’s still agile, responsive, and dynamic – you’re in complete control using nothing more than your pick attack and the volume control on your guitar. An unashamedly joyous amp to play, the Jet Black will have you flashing a wicked sideways grin, every time you plug in.

The straight-forward design features 38 watts through a quartet of EL84s, two channels, tremolo, and reverb.

The reimagined first channel presents a forward, in your face personality. Sharpened up and bolder, cleans ring with authority, those magical in-between sounds swirl with harmonics and clarity, and for those who need it the amp is easily provoked into delivering healthy amounts of gain. All this from a single channel.

The second channel is something special, and all new. To cut to the chase – whatever you’re looking for in a rock-oriented amp, there’s a very good chance that the Jet Black will nail it – hard. It spans decades of landmark tones, while retaining a unique personality. It’s the perfect combination of nostalgia and modernity with its own unmistakable swagger.

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