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StewMac Sun Fuzz | PG Plays

StewMac Sun Fuzz Demo | PG Plays

Guitarist Tom Butwin channels his inner Hendrix and demos the all-new StewMac Sun Fuzz.

StewMac Sun Fuzz

stewmac sunn fuzz pedal

Inspired by Analog Man's Sun Face, our version finally gives you the control and tone shaping you've always wanted from the original Fuzz Face circuit. If you love Hendrix, Clapton, or Gilmour … this fuzz must be on your board.

The Fuzz Face is one of the foundational tones for electric guitar. However, the originals can be hard to control and don't play nice with many pickups and amps. Even temperature can completely change the tone! Following Analog Man's lead, we've swapped the germanium transistor for a silicon BC-108, giving the pedal a brighter tone, more gain, and enhanced touch sensitivity.