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Day #11: Lehle

Day #11: Lehle

You could WIN a Lehle Mono Volume S in today's Stompboxtober giveaway! Enter below:

Lehle Mono Volume Pedal S

Analogue signal path – digital control
• High-end preamp with discrete Class-A input stage
• 120 dB dynamic range thanks to 30 V technology
• Magnetic sensor technology, without mechanical wear
• Precise volume control from analogue VCA
• MIDI via USB
• Optimised size and weight

With the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S you get an active and wear-free volume pedal, which is lighter and smaller but not less efficient: Equipped with the proven and evolving magnet sensor VCA technology of the other LEHLE VOLUME pedals, you control the volume of your instrument precisely.
As it has no mechanical potentiometer, the typical noise, endlessly expensive repairs and complicated adjustment can be avoided.

Your foot is just moving the magnet, while the Hall-sensor measures the distance, with great precision and very fast. An ARM Cortex CPU processes the data of the sensor in a matching, musical taper and controls the VCA. Here, the signal path is always kept completely analogue – and in your hands.

This LEHLE MONO VOLUME S with serial number 22.101845 is hand signed by Burkhard Georg Lehle.