Rig Rundown - Yasmin Williams

After conquering Guitar Hero II, she's reimagining acoustic guitar with two-hand lap tapping, percussive flourishes, and washing it all through reverb and modulation.

Yasmin Williams' gateway drug to guitar was a video game. After defeating Guitar Hero II (on expert, no less), her parents encouraged the budding interest by giving Yasmin an electric.

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For 30 years, new tunings and sounds, collaborations, and staying in the moment have been the acoustic guitar slayer's bedrock, but making music to "amplify truths" is what really keeps her inspired.

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How Dave Matthews Led Cory Wong to Ani Di Franco | Wong Notes Podcast

Illiterate Light's Jeff Gorman & Devon Gilfillian - Hooked

The guitar brothers highlight how their teenage selves fell in love with the 6-string life thanks to School of Rock, the Chili Peppers, Hendrix, Neil Young, and the Beatles.

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Here's a look inside the clean and elegantly handwired interior of a Collector Effector Tone Bender homage.

How today's vintage-authentic pedal builders meticulously recreate the dirty sounds of the past.

Stompboxes are made so, so many different ways—especially when it comes to the construction of the circuitry inside. Most builders today use modern surface-mount technology, others adopt the older method of using through-hole components, and some employ a mixture of both to create their circuits.

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The Kemper Powered Kabinet packs a 200-watt power amp and is compatible with the company's speaker imprint technology

Kemper today announce the immediate availability of the new Kemper Power Kabinet. The powered version of the acclaimed and award-winning Kemper Kabinet features the new Kemper Kone speaker, a build-in 200 Watts power amp, and a smart, build-in speaker stand for a slanted setup.

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