Alvarez Announces Masterworks Series

14 new models with five body options and two different choices of wood configurations are available.

St. Louis, MO (January 8, 2014) -- This year at the NAMM Show, Alvarez will unveil its newly designed, all-solid wood Masterworks Series. 14 new models will be showcased, with five body shapes (Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium, OM, Parlor and Classical) and two different choices of wood configurations: African Mahogany/Mahogany and Sitka/Rosewood.

“To really get the best from an acoustic guitar it ought to be all-solid wood,” says Chris Meikle, Senior VP at St. Louis Music and head of Alvarez development. “We designed the new Masterworks to get the best out of its woods both tonally and aesthetically. The 2014 guitars have a new bracing system called FST2M, and new cosmetics. Both the mahogany and Sitka models have 1.5mm Paua abalone purfling and the mahogany models come in our new finish, which we call Shadowburst. They are wickedly beautiful instruments and unbelievable value for money.”

Alvarez Masterworks Series also feature a one-piece mahogany neck, premium gold tuners with ebony buttons, ebony bridge pins and pearl and abalone inlays. All models come in a high gloss finish, with Maple and Koa bindings. They are fitted with real bone nuts and saddles and a rosewood bi-level bridge. They ship with a deluxe poly foam case and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Meikle continues, “The sound and personality of the new models is different. The FST2M bracing is very forward and we added a large solid maple bridge plate to compensate for increasing the size of the soundboard. A lot of companies these days seem to be building for more bass and are constructing guitars lighter and lighter. We’ve gone the other way and actually tightened up our tops with stronger bracing, but we still generate great bass and middle frequencies through careful scalloping. So basically we create a balanced sound, rather than a bassy sound. Masterwork’s tone has clarity, it’s clear, not muddy like a lot of guitars these days, and they’re dressed as eloquently as they sound”

Alvarez Masterworks Series ranges from $599.00 to $1099.00 MAP.

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