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Ananashead Introduces the Bolt

Ananashead Introduces the Bolt

A low-gain overdrive that aims to expand amps that don't have a master volume.

Barcelona, Spain (August 9, 2019) -- Adding to his line of drive boxes, Ananashead has announced the Bolt, a versatile low-gain overdrive that adds volume and grit to the sound while preserving dynamics without coloring/altering your tone too much.

Meant to be used as a second channel for a NMV amp it turns to be a nice mild drive/clean boost that won't compress your signal or add a mids hump. Use it as a clean boost with higher Level and lower Drive/Filter settings.

Turn up the Drive to add crunch to a clean amp or bite to an already dirty amp and use the Filter to add sparkle to your solos or to better match with amps.

The Bolt pedal is hand-made in Barcelona with careful selected components and has a price of 110.00€.

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