Ananashead Unveils the Main Fuzz

An all-around fuzz pedal based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit.

Barcelona, Spain (December 18, 2019) -- Adding to his line of vintage pedals, Ananashead has announced the Main Fuzz, an all-around fuzz pedal based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit.

The Main Fuzz is a handmade versatile fuzz pedal that can be built in three versions, silicon, germanium or hybrid si-ge for the best of both worlds.

Apart from the usual Volume and Fuzz controls, this one has a Tone knob that controls the amount of bass entering the circuit and paired with the Mode switch has a wide spectrum of tones from the trebly tonebender mk1.5 to the full bass modern fuzzes. The Pregain acts like an attenuator just like the volume of your guitar, it can be used to clean the fuzz or to be more friendly with some wahs. The Bias helps with the temperature on the germanium version but it also is useful to sculpt the signal towards more zippery or more overdriving tone.


  • Five knobs to control Fuzz, Volume, Tone, Bias and Pregain. One Mode switch
  • Three versions, Silicon, Germanium and Hybrid Si-Ge
  • Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF
  • Filtered and protected 9VDC input
  • Daisy-chain friendly
  • Popless True Bypass switching
  • Current draw: 3mA

The Main Fuzz pedal is hand-made in Barcelona with careful selected components and has a price of 110.00€. The pedals are available and can be purchased directly from the Ananashead online store.

For more information:
Ananashead Effects

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