Anders Osborne’s Pistachio Guitar

The Bigsby-equipped Anders Osborne OG Drop was tailor-made by Born Guitars for the blues guitarist and showcases some of the finest woods Born has acquired from Oregon. “The body and neck are made of salvaged Port Orford cedar,” says Born founder Jonathan Miller. “This particular wood came from a log left behind after a forest fire. Port Orford cedar is not really cedar, but actually called Lawson cypress and is a species of conifer.”

Prized in Asia where it’s used for coffins, shrines, and temples, the wood was first discovered in Port Orford, Oregon, and is known for being resonant, strong, and stable, yet remarkably lightweight. It’s also highly fragrant, adds Miller. “We love cutting this wood—it makes the whole shop smell amazing!”

The drop top on Osborne’s guitar is made of reclaimed pistachio wood. The tree was cut down after its nut harvesting life had passed. “Pistachio is nearly as hard as ebony, and adds a nice punch of clarity and sustain to this guitar,” Miller explains. “Our pistachio comes from California groves. Because these trees are typically cut down after about 60 to 70 years of useful nut production, it’s rare to find pieces large enough to make guitar tops.”

Osborne’s top is a beautiful example of wood that might normally be chipped and used as firewood. Born also uses pistachio for fretboards. Miller shared another cool fact about pistachio wood: It glows bright green under a black light.

Premier Guitar contacted Osborne to find out how his new guitar plays. “I’ve been using my Born for about a month now, and it has become one of my main guitars,” he reveals. “It’s perfectly set up to my specs and plays with so much personality. It’s exciting and joyful each time ‘Pistachio’ and I get together. These guys really pay attention to details and character when building their guitars. I love it!”