Nik Huber Prototype

Nik Huber Guitars brought a number of guitars to NAMM this year, including this yet-to-be officially named "Prototype." It's a semi-hollowbody featuring mahogany for the body and neck, a flame maple top, and an East Indian rosewood fretboard. For electronics, this bad boy is loaded with a set of Tronbuckers from Haussel.

EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay and Terminal

EarthQuaker Devices' new Pitch Bay and Terminal stomps sound freakishly rad, as expected. The former goes for $225 and the latter for $165. Look for the demo vid soon.

Hiwatt Custom Little D

Oz Noy prepares to demo the new handwired, U.K.-made Hiwatt Custom Little D. The dual-EL84-powered head is switchable from 20 to 1/2 watts and features normal and brilliant inputs or one that links both.