tone king

An official plugin collaboration modeling Tone King’s vintage-flavored amp.

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The MK II features a single channel preamp and an all-tube signal path with three 12AX7A preamp tubes and two EL34 output tubes.

Rohnert Park, CA (March 25, 2016) -- Tone King, a Premier Builders Guild boutique instrument brand, announces the Royalist 45 MK II amplifier. The Royalist 45 MK II is an updated version of the Royalist, the first Tone King amp to deliver the best of the British sound and one of the company’s most beloved amps.

The Royalist 45 MK II expands on that legacy with new features and enhancements, faithfully capturing the genuine essence of early British tones ranging from sweet, singing JTM45 to raging Plexi/Super Lead.

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Amp builder Mark Bartel adds some tweaks and updates to an old favorite for more of a sweet, singing JTM45 to raging Plexi/Super Lead sound and downsizes the footprint of his attenuator.