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Tone King Unveils the Sky King Combo

Tone King Unveils the Sky King Combo

Tone King Amplifier Company has unveiled the new Sky King 35w, 1x12 two channel combo amplifier.

Los Angeles, CA (August 24, 2018) -- Tone King Amplifier Company has unveiled the new Sky King, a 35-watt, 1x12, two-channel combo amplifier.

The Tone King Sky King 1x12 35-watt combo electric guitar amplifier sings with the definitively American tones of the 1950s and 1960s. This amp’s dual onboard channels - rhythm and lead - are voiced around the glassy elegance of blackface-style designs and the unmistakable warm bark of the tweed-covered titans. Give the lead channel’s Mid-Bite control a spin, and you’ll even find tighter sounds reminiscent of some equally iconic amps from across the pond.

Flip the Sky King around and you’re able to further enhance the amplifier’s inherent character. You’ll find a mode switch that selects between pentode and ultralinear performance on both channels. Pentode offers familiar clarity and transients, while ultralinear allows the amp to sag and react to every note you play. Just like our other esteemed designs, the Sky King also boasts not one, but two of the incredibly popular Ironman II reactive power attenuators – one for the clean channel, and one for the lead channel, allowing you to dial in the perfect performance-to-volume balance, no matter what the gig.

Add in footswitchable tremolo and a custom-voiced bias-modulated tremolo circuit, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more flexible amplifier that still accurately reproduces everything we love about vintage American tone.

Key features include:

  • 1x12 Tone King 1660 speaker made by Celestion
  • 2 channel (Rhythm and lead), Footswitchable
  • Rhythm channel Controls: Volume, Treble, and Bass
  • Lead Channel Controls: Volume and Tone
  • Tube Driven Spring Reverb with Full spring 2-Spring Reverb Pan
  • Bias modulation type tremolo circuit (footswitch controllable)
  • Ironman II attenuation (Rythem and Lead)
  • 6 step dual attenuation with controls for each preamp channel
  • Two button Footswitch included (channel/tremolo)
  • Two operating modes of output tubes: Ultralinear or Pentode mode
  • 8 Ohm speaker impedance
  • Dimensions - 24in x 12in x 18in
  • Weight - 60 lbs.

MAP and MSRP for the Sky King - $2995

Availability: Ready for immediate shipment.

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