“Little Gift” Intro

WithSimilar Skin, we wanted to get back to this bigger rock sound that was a little less intricate and progressive. I wanted to come up with a few riffs that seem to just knock you over with simplicity—like AC/DC with cross rhythms. Growing up, some of my favorite shows were when bands took a “less is more” approach in bigger rooms. This riff harkens back to those feelings I had watching bands like Foreigner or Thin Lizzy—bands with big monstrous riffs. Plus, I wanted to get away from that crazy articulation that always seems to run through our music. “Little Gifts” was our shot at getting back to that arena-rock feel. It’s got some cool syncopation with the upstrokes, though for the most part, it’s a big simple riff that everyone plays together. I’d written this a couple of years ago, so it was intended for what becameSimilar Skin. Instead of writing across the board and having too many songs to plow through, we wanted to focus on what sound we’re going for. “Little Gift” was one of the first ones.