Larry Carlton

Jazz-fusion legend Larry Carlton—aka Mr. 335—has two main pedalboards, both built by his longtime friend and guitar tech, Rick Wheeler. Carlton’s fly-date board starts with a Korg Pitchblack tuner. The signal then travels to a modified Sho-Bud volume pedal, followed by a Dunlop 95Q Cry Baby Wah. Next the signal goes to a Tanabe Zenkudo Overdrive, a Visual Sound Liquid Chorus, a TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, and a Providence Chrono Delay.

Carlton’s larger pedalboard works in conjunction with three rack units (not shown)—a Roland SDE-1000 digital delay, a TC Electronic TC 1210, and a Lexicon MX400 that Carlton uses for reverb. The board starts with two Hilton volume pedals—one for electric and one for acoustic—each of which has an output to send a signal to the Korg DTR-2000 tuner (top). The lead from the electric volume pedal then runs into a Dunlop 95Q Cry Baby Wah and to Carlton’s amp. The pedalboard also has a chorus on/off switch (for the TC 1210), a tap-tempo trigger (for the Roland), an A/B switch to select electric or acoustic guitar, and a channel switcher for Carlton’s Bludotone amp.