larry carlton

Grab some of the legend’s guitar magic by adding some jazz to your blues.




  • Find out how to effectively use ghost notes.
  • Make Carlton’s gritty pick-scratch technique a part of your playing.
  • Learn some quick tricks to apply colorful chordal extensions to your solos.
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Let’s play a quick game of Jeopardy! The category: Guitarists with Wildly Successful 50-Year Careers. The answer: With over 3,000 sessions under his belt, this guitarist has been a first-call session player, recording with artists such as Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton. He's also a successful solo artist, having released 36 albums, and a four-time Grammy Award winner. The question:

Who is Larry Carlton?

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Want to take a tour of Mr. 335’s home studio and ogle his history-making gear?

When Larry Carlton graciously invited Premier Guitar to visit his Nashville studio, we jumped at the chance. He played guitar, told stories, and pretty much proved he’s the coolest person any of us will ever meet.


“I’m not a collector,” Carlton explains, “I just have a few guitars I like to play.” For someone who has tracked as many sessions as Carlton, three Gibsons, two Fenders, and two Valley Arts 6-strings might seem like a modest number, but each one is very special.

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New dates coincide with Grammy nod

(December 16, 2007) - One of the heaviest one-two punches of master guitarists on tour will be reaching even more fans now. Larry Carlton and Robben Ford have updated their 2008 tour schedules with ten more shows together.

The duo, known for historic careers spanning hundreds of sessions and seminal work in a number of genres, are friends who have been wowing worldwide audiences performing together recently. Carlton has garnered siginificant attention in the guitar community as of late -- being profiled in magazines, launching his own internet radio/TV stations and releasing 335 Blues, an instructional DVD course. Ford has been in the spotlight and has stayed busy, as well -- earning a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues album for his album Truth, touring the world and scheduling additional dates to an already sold-out clinic schedule. Carlton and Ford also have a live recording from Tokyo that is being released.

The new Carlton/Ford tour dates pick up in Nashville in late February.

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