Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 5, 2016) -- Agave Audio’s Cumbre Preamp is a point-to-point handwired boost designed to drive the front end of your amp. First, use the normal channel to dial in the perfect edge of breakup/rhythm tone. Need a little more drive after that? No worries, hit the Boost when it's time for your solo! Even without adding extra gain, your tone will sound fuller and more present. Due to its simple nature, the Cumbre Preamp is incredibly flexible and integrates seamlessly with any guitarist’s rig.

Cumbre Preamp highlights include:

  • Point-to-point handwired construction
  • Single JFET transistor for tube-like tone
  • Dual channels for multiple gain options
  • 9 volt, center negative (not battery operable)

Price: $199

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