Chicago, IL (October 31, 2016) -- Following the well-received, classy looking line of hand-sewn, vinyl-covered combos, Studious Amplifiers has decided to offer their line of combination cabinets in solid walnut, aromatic cedar, maple, cherry, pecan, and bamboo.

The Studious Moseley was made to have warm, articulate cleans as well as heavy, thick overdriven sounds when pushed. The result was a simple and pure amplifier that’s perfect for anything from jazz to classic rock, straight-in or heavily effected signals.


  • Vintage styled, made-in-Chicago paper bobbin transformers for genuine old-school character.
  • High/low gain inputs, single volume control and custom hi-fi style treble/bass controls for a seemingly infinite combination of sounds.
  • Two Tung-sol preamp tubes and two TAD EL84-STR power tubes.
  • Handmade turret board construction for high reliability.
  • Unique circuit layout and improved grounding convention for pure tone with extremely low noise.
  • Selectable 4, 8, 16 ohm output via two speaker outs.
  • Dovetailed solid wood cabinets for durability and a mid-century modern hi-fi appearance.

All amps and cabs are built by hand in Chicago. Street and MSRP are $1650.

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