Tessa Jeffers -- Managing Editor
I didn’t know what to expect while waiting for Ted Nugent to show up for his Rig Rundown interview in the green room at Chicago’s House of Blues. When he busted through the door, toothpick in mouth, and yelled, “I have to piss like a racehorse!” I thought, “Uh oh, here we go.” But he was funny and genuinely thoughtful while explaining his Byrdland obsession, his Detroit roots, and how Jimmy McCarty inspired him in 1961 to forge a life in music. “The Gibson Byrdland has an identity, a statement, a soul, a tone of its own, and anybody that’s really put the effort into discovering the capabilities—it makes you play differently,” he told us. His wonderment and joy for what he does was palpable and interesting. The interview was a blast, and it reminded me how rewarding it can be to ignore stigma and just listen.