Portland, OR (March 1, 2018) -- The Mercury IV is a dynamic tone enhancer created to bring out additional harmonic character from instruments and amplifiers. The pedal features a unique, discrete analog circuit, with a meticulously selected vintage germanium transistor at its heart.

The boost control of the Mercury IV offers a staggering 35 dB of gain, with nine tone-shaping options to gently or aggressively boost tube amplifiers. The real magic however, resides in the harmonics control; bringing more dimension and life to ones’ tone. Subtle sparkle, complex textures, and octave-like overtones can all be found here. With a sound and response like hot tubes on the edge of breakup, these even-order harmonics are independently generated, giving you full control over the mix.


  • 35 dB of boost on tap
  • Nine tone combinations via two three-position Bass & Treble toggle switches
  • Independently generated even-order Harmonics, blend-able with your dry signal
  • Vintage Germanium transistor at its heart
  • Five signed and numbered Limited Editions: Chrome, White, Brass, Black and Silver
  • Completely hand-soldered and hand-wired by craftsmen in Portland, Oregon
  • Heavy duty engraved vinyl faceplate
  • Unique, discrete all-analog circuit
  • Large “jewel” indicator light
  • True-Bypass switching

Silver Edition: $299

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