Seattle, WA (August 28, 2018) -- Fromel Electronics has introduced the latest addition to their line of high quality guitar effects, amps, and electronics. The company’s new Seraph Deluxe pedal is a true stereo in/out analog dimensional chorus with a classic sonic profile. It’s modeled after the famous Roland SDD-320 Dimension D which was introduced in 1979 and used extensively by Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, U2, and others. In many ways the dimensional chorus defined the sound of the 80’s.

The Seraph Deluxe chorus is the culmination of a long labor of love. Over the last 10 years Fromel has been working on this circuit exploring all the possibilities it can offer, while keeping the size pedalboard friendly. The presets are slight variations with a very slow rate and very deep depth. In addition to the four classic modes the presets can be mixed and matched to make a total of eight presets. There is also a manual mode that allows for precise setting of the rate and depth allowing for a very fast rate and shallow depth getting the effect into Leslie territory. What makes this chorus truly unique is the dual delay lines which allow for a Through Zero Flange effect when the dry signal is cut. Finally by cutting one of the delay lines and the dry signal a true pitch vibrato is produced.

All that in a 1590BB enclosure. (4.7" x 3.7" x .95")

The Seraph Deluxe is available in two configurations. Standard Chipset is $329, Vintage NOS Chipset is $349.

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