Lomita, CA (September 3, 2018) -- BMF Effects and guitarist Marc Ford have teamed up to produce the “Marc F’N Ford” overdrive/boost – a dual-channel pedal built to Marc’s specifications. The Marc F’N Ford pedal couples the popular BMF Effects Purple Nurple Overdrive (described by BMF Effects owner Scott Kiraly as spanning the gamut from “a gritty/clean boost to a mild fuzz with Tweed-like breakup”) with the proven germanium-fueled BMF Effects GB Boost Germanium Booster. The end result is actually a three-channel pedal: boost, overdrive, and boosted drive.

Features include:

  • Independent switching of the two circuits (per Marc’s specs, the GB Boost goes into the Purple Nurple with both sides engaged)
  • Purple Nurple (left side) has controls for volume and gain
  • GB Boost (right side) has controls for volume and tone
  • Heavy-duty enclosure with powder coat finish
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input (no special power supply required)
  • Street price of $249 (plus shipping)

Scott emphasizes that the Marc F’N Ford pedal you purchase is built to the same specs as the one currently residing on Marc’s pedalboard for the Magpie Salute tour. “It was important to both of us that we offer customers exactly what he is using.”

For more information:
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