Nashville, TN(July 27, 2011) -- 3rd Power Amplification LLC introduces its new proprietary patent-pending tube amplifier volume management circuitry, HybridMASTER.

HybridMASTER is a proprietary real-time volume control technology that is designed to easily reduce the perceived sound level of vacuum tube based guitar amplifiers. Ideal for performing, recording and practicing guitarists, HybridMASTER delivers the sound of a tube guitar amplifier at reduced volume levels accessed via a single control knob. Users can adjust their amplifier’s controls to taste and then simply set the overall volume via the HybridMASTER control knob. HybridMASTER technology is initially available exclusively on 3rd Power’s Dream Series amplifier line.

What makes HybridMASTER different from other methods of volume management is it’s unique control over multiple stages within the amplifier’s circuitry. As you engage the single HybridMASTER control, elements such as AC signal attenuation, DC current limiting and DC voltage regulation simultaneously synchronize to a proprietary algorithm developed by 3rd Power.

Effective immediately, all Dream Series amplifiers will feature HybridMASTER. Retail pricing for Dream Series heads is set at $2499, 112 combos at $2899, Celestion 12” Gold equipped combos will be $3099. Existing customers will have the option to have their original Dream Series amplifier upgraded at the factory for a fee of $295 including return UPS ground shipping in the continental USA.

Dream Series amplifiers featuring HybridMASTER made their public debut at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville.

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