Lexington, KY (December 23, 2011) – Burriss Amps is pleased to introduce a new version of its popular Royal Bluesman amp head – the Royal Bluesman v2.

Introduced in 2008, the Royal Bluesman quickly became the company’s most popular amp. “The Royal Bluesman has been doing very well but it was time to make some refinements to increase the amps already unparalleled versatility; I couldn’t be more proud of the results,” says amp designer and builder Bob Burriss.

The Royal Bluesman was an early entrant into an emerging area of small, powerful amps but, as Hall of Famer John Sebastian says, “don’t call it a lunchbox.” The hand-wired, all tube, 18 watt, Royal Bluesman v2 maintains all the quality, tone, and power of the original but brings a more aggressive gain that retains a nice clean character based on touch response.

“One of the trademark features of the Royal Bluesman is the on-board Tremolo, which has been stretched to deliver more selectivity in the lower settings while the minimum tempo has been reduced to provide an even cooler vibe in the lower settings as well. A more versatile Master Volume dials in some juicy overdrive tones,” added Mr. Burriss.

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