San Diego, CA (Jan 20, 2012) -- Carvin announces the newest entry in the venerable Steve Vai Legacy Amplifier Series, the Legacy III Amp.

Carvin’s new Legacy III combines the best aspects of the Legacy I and Legacy II, in a compact chassis that’s lightweight and easily transportable. The 100W, all-tube Legacy III incorporates the original circuitry of the Legacy I on channels 1 & 2, and channel 3 is identical to channel 2, functioning as a second lead channel with a high gain switch. A master volume knob controls the volume of all 3 channels without affecting preamp gain settings. Other new features of the Legacy III include a variable, footswitch controlled master boost; variable, channel-assignable reverb; and internal LED lighting which can have different colors assigned to each channel. As on the Legacy II, the Legacy III features a MIDI input/through connector, compatible with any standard MIDI controller. An RMS power switch adjusts the output from 100W to 50W or 15W, which facilitates the overdriven tone many players look for at lower volumes. EL34 tubes produce smooth distortion, responsive sound and excellent reliability. The rear bias switch allows installation of 5881 (6L6GC) if desired. Other features, including a speaker impedance switch, effects loop, post master and new pre master loops, standby switch, presence control and treble/mid/bass controls allow the ultimate in flexibility. The Legacy III head is also rack-mountable with optional brackets.

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