Fullerton, CA (May 23, 2012) -- Electroplex Amplifers announces the EL34-powered Rocket 35-EL as the latest addition to its venerable line of Rocket high-performance tube amplifiers. With the success of the original Rocket 35 among professionals and amateurs alike, it made sense to create a ’35 focusing on the vintage “British” sound of the great British amps of the '60s and '70s. The Rocket 35-EL delivers a stunning array of classic “Brit-tones” with the bite and sparkle one expects from EL34s. Coupling that with the legendary Rocket front-end, the Rocket 35-EL delivers a new level of sustain and control that elevates the playing experience.

The Rocket 35-EL boasts all of the features of its Rocket siblings, including the new Mark II voicing for punchier, more-aggressive lead tones. Also included is the Electroplex “Low-Power Mode” circuit for operation at 22 watts, providing enhanced output compression for a response you have to feel to believe! And at 22 watts players can achieve dynamic EL34 overdrive tones at reasonable volume levels.

The Rocket 35-EL is available now in combo and head/cab configurations, with a wide variety of color options and speaker choices. The Rocket 35-EL will make its official public debut at El Diablo Amps & Guitars June 9.

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