Plaistow, NH (April 30, 2013) -- After recently adding dozens of new, professionally produced Speaker Cab Simulations to the Axe-Fx II, Fractal Audio Systems has drawn from the same studio sessions to release CAB PACK ONE: WELLSPRING SOUND, a collection of over 200 Mic/Preamp/Cab combinations. The new Cab Impulse Response (“IR”) files can be loaded into the Axe-Fx II, Axe-Fx Ultra, or Axe-Fx Standard, giving those units the ability to reproduce the tones of the original speaker cabs.

The Cab IRs were created from the combined amp collections of Wellspring Sound and Fractal Audio Systems. Highly sought-after vintage combos were captured using classic microphones through vintage Neve, Massenberg and Fearn preamps.


  • Sixteen Vintage and Boutique Combo Amps
  • Four microphone offerings for each amp
  • Three preamp choices for every microphone
  • Plus two new “Producer’s Choice” mic blends per cab

The IRs were produced at Wellspring Sound in Acton, MA.

CAB PACK ONE is available for purchase and digital download from for just $19.99.

For more information:
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